The evil has a name, online shopping

Well, ok, I’m not a caveman, I do a lot of online shopping indeed. But as always there are few thing you hate about any given subject.
This is what I hate about this modern frenzy.

1. Road safety, psychological well-being of car drivers 🙂

Everything needs to be instant these days. “Oh come on, are you serious about not having this commodity in stock. What? The last two pieces, are you mad, I need it in now”. This kind of customer moaning is ever present. But when it comes to real distribution, we just hate to wait few minutes for a supplying van to unload in the city traffic. We used to have a little e-shop selling a furniture. We have set up a distribution point at Husitska street (a very busy (in terms of traffic)street at Prague 3) for most of our costumers appreciated the chance to pick up the assortment personally. This, however incorporates a lot of supplying and since big trucks are forbidden from entering this part of Prague (inner Prague) we had to do it by the means of smaller vans. Husitska is quite a narrow and busy street, therefore, we managed to block one lane and created, say, a maximum of 10 minutes delay for people who happened to be behind the van.
I drive a lot, so I have a very decent insight into the psychos that swift through the Prague’s streets. But what I have been witnessing in those 10 minutes, was a bit unexpected.
The horns beeing pressed for tens of seconds was nothing shocking really, the hundreds of Czech versions of “f” words were kind of beeing expected too, but when two or more psychopaths just went out of control and just by two molecules missed a guy unloading the van
shouting some profound bullshit in his direction, that was a bit too much.
One day we nearly got into fight with a guy about his having to wait for two minutes 🙂

City traffic madness also complements another factor – food delivery services. In their car versions, they have this nice sign on their asses – “How do I drive” followed by a phone number where a responsible citizen can smooth his inferiority complex. But I guess nobody calls. Because the relation is obvious here. “I’m ordering pizza too sometimes and I would hate beeing kept waiting for a delivery boy.”:)

2. Where si the romance ?

Ok, this part is both obvious and a little weird for I consider myself beeing a full featured man :). I’m supposed to hate wandering through the aisles and admire all the stuff that has the potential to be in your possession. I should be happy to obediently sit in front of the screen and slyly compare everything there is to compare before I make the biggest decision of my life and buy a bloody toaster 🙂

3. Do not allow your neighborhood to be ruined

One thing for sure is that you do not love your local e-shop. One is too old now to believe in fairytales and witches. E-shop, by its definition, is not a local endeavor hence the care for the district you live in lies upon someone else’s shoulders. When you buy pizza from delivery service and not your next door fast-food(which btw is often a lot better choice – fresh, cheaper, face-to-face experience, when you have sent for your grocery to a Tesco store etc. you simply contribute to a die-out of a vital and natural life of your neighborhood.

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